4 Illegal Tricks of SEO that Must be Avoided

The struggle to achieve top placement in search engine result knows no limits – neither ethical nor technical. There are many reports of sites banned by Google and other search engines either temporarily or permanently, because of malpractice and to use ‘black hat’ SEO optimization techniques. Reaction from the search engine is easy to understand – with so much deceit and plagiarism are put there by the SEO experts in their arsenal, the results displayed by search engines will not at all related to the contents of the website.

And this is dangerous because of the risk on the website banned by Google. And even if search engines do not detect this fraud, usually your competitors will report it.

Keyword Density or Keyword Stuffing

Sometimes an SEO expert to do things beyond the limits of ethics in order to boost their client’s site on the top spot by using unethical practices, such as Keywod Stuffing. Keyword stuffing is considered as an unethical practice because basically what you do is write down as many keywords, which are not related to the website itself to trick users into search engines, these activities often make users SE (Search Engine) get lost.

Doorway Pages and Hidden Text

Another common keyword is doorway pages. Before Google introduced PageRank algorithm, doorway in general practice and he was not regarded as an illegal way for website optimization. A doorway page is a page created specifically for search engines not to humans, use to get the best position in search engines and deceive users to go to SE website.

 Keywords though still the recommended way, but relying solely on keywords to determine the best position your site, is wrong. So doorway pages is not the best way to get high traffic for your site, but if you use it, do not blame Google if you punish.

There is an other technique which is almost similar to the doorway page that is hidden text, which is not visible to humans but is inserted into the HTML page source, to trick the search engines that these pages are keyword-rich. Actually, doorway and hidden text can not be (difficult) if it qualifies as a way of site optimization, but they are more appropriate in qualify as a technique to manipulate and trick users into search engines, with the legal consequences of your site by Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Field duplicate (Duplicate Content)

The content (content) website is the most important thing in SEO, but not duplicate the text / content. In Google’s rules, duplicating the same text means the text is a different page on same site. If you do copy-paste some paragraphs in the other view the first one-page on your site, then do not pleasantly surprised when ranking your site down. However, many SEO experts believe that the technique combines the text / content is not a duplication of text and there are many examples for this.

If combining the text / content categorized as duplication of text then the site news agencies is the first site that will go down the ranking in search results. But it does not hurt to check if your site has duplicate entries with other sites, at least, could someone illegally copying the contents of your site and you do not know. Similar Page Checker Tool Similar Page Checker can help you to find out if there’s another site that is illegally copying the contents of your site.

Spam Links

Link Spam is another major problem in the SEO tool, SEO tool like the others, it can be used or misused. Although Backlink is important (for the importance of the quantity of backlinks Yahoo! stuffing, while Google is concerned with where the sites backlinks come from), has dozens of backlinks from a link farm * or from a site that has the same backlist you requested punished by Google.

One more thing, if the outbound links (links that are on your Web site to go to other sites / links to others) in the appeal of larger amount of inbound links (links from other sites to your site / link you), then you have made vain efforts for nothing, because this will not raise the ranking of your site. You can use the Domain Stats Tool to see the number of backlinks (inbound links) on your site and can use the Site Link Analyzer to find out how many links you have (outbound link).

Putting Using keywords in your link (anchor text), domain name, the name of folders and files is beneficial for your position on search engine rankings, but these efforts at legal risk by Google. For example, if you try to optimize the word “ayu”, say this word often in a keyword and select keywords and phrases as popular, competition is tough, so you do not see other alternatives to achieve the top position so as to make such domain http://ayu -Sariayu-ayusari-ayunya.com, so that the input by up to a maximum number of keywords, but remember – your domain will be hard to remember. And second – if the contents of it does not contain data such as names listed in the domain, then your site will not be at the top position in search results.

Although file and folder names are not so important in the appeal of the domain name, now and later (but not always) you can enter “ayu” in it and the arrows of the link text (anchor text). It is considered good, not as an anchor link provides a copy of the inserted (eg if you use “cat_cats_kitten”, as an anchor to link from this anchor is internal site insertion). While you do not have control over the third part was a link on your site, and use anchors that you dislike, and it is up to you to perform periodic checks, the anchor of what other sites use to link your site.

Finally, for Google and other search engines, is no different if a site is intentionally redundant optimization methods to trick the search engines, this could be classified as the result of good intentions, then whatever your motivation, do not forget to put on the way a sensible and remember! do not go beyond the rules.


Link farm is a sort of inter-network of inter-site put a link to each other to improve their link popularity. Can be a button-sized 88 √ó 31 pixels, or only text that can be clicked.

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