5 Best Free Keyword Research Tool to Improve SEO

keyword research tool

Keyword research tool is part of the most important and basic of all marketing efforts in the search engine or Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This not only gives marketers a new way to understand the thinking of customers, but also keep track of potential customers and products/services what they are looking for.

Although keyword tracking very important role in the world of SEO and PPC, there is still a difference between them. With PPC, you like to offer a number of keywords and pay each time someone clicks on your ad. The position of your ad on the search results is determined by the cost-per-clicks multiplied by a score of quality (quality score), which partly made up for the quality of your advertisements, keywords, and landing pages to your site. If your keyword is relevant to your site and what you’re advertising, then, is getting a little too much should you spend on pay-per-click.Unlike SEO. Sometimes, to rank for certain keywords each month, through PPC, advertisers can increase their paid ad position by increasing its bids and score quality (quality score). If you do not want to waste your money for general keywords that do not have an impact on your business, you have to choose keywords that are RIGHT for the promotion/marketing of profitable business. Many people who connect  keyword research tool with the knowledge of SEO, but in fact,  PPC keyword research should also not be forgotten. Google showed that the PPC ad groups have 10-20 keywords that are relevant and interrelated, so, focus on keywords is important. Fortunately, there are many applications to assist you in planning efforts right keywords for your business, and you can use it without spending a cent. Here are some free applications for planning the keywords that are available, and very useful.

1. Google Keyword Planner

The most widely used applications for planning PPC keywords is Google Keyword Planner. This keyword research tool allows advertisers to find new keywords and keywords for advertising. Google Apps also provides statistics for each keyword, including search and approximate magnitude of cost per click (average cost per click). Keyword Planner or Keyword Planner is just the initial stage which can help you to determine the right keywords, so this is not the only application that you can use. As stated Google, you can use this plan as a “laying the keystone to successful marketing”. It can provide basic guidance in the selection of advertising organizations and the broader keywords, but you probably would have missed some valuable keyterms if you only rely on this application.

2. Ubersuggest

This application shows the data from Google and other search engines with keywords first/beginning, add letters or numbers on your existing keywords, and offers suggestions for keywords. It is also useful to examine the long keywords and help you find the right key words.It also expand your keyword list and help you generate new ideas for keywords you want to use. Maybe you’ve never spent more than a minute just to find a few hundred keyword suggestions, but sometimes, that’s where you can find keywords that you may never considered before.

3. Keyword Tool

Applications Keyword Tool is almost similar to Ubersuggest, because it uses the concept of Google Autocomplete, but, Keyword Tool is superior step, because it is capable of producing up to 750 suggestions for your keyword. Keyword Tool works with 129 domains in Google, 83 languages ​​and is very user-friendly. Not only that, he is also capable has advised a number of words to phrases / words before and after the keywords you want. No CAPTCHA or ads that interfere with the advertiser when researching keywords in depth. And, the best part of this app is easier for you to navigate. If you want a simple application that helps you search the keyword length, this application is recommended.

 4. Keyword Revealer

Keyword Revealer is an unpaid application that allows you to see various suggestions of relevant keywords and appropriate metrics, such as Search Volume, CPC and Estimated Profit. This app shows how tough the competition is underway and predicts that probably profitable keywords. The keyword suggestions offered by this application is relevant and worth trying.

5. Adwords Search Terms

When using Google Adwords, pay attention to choose the most relevant keywords to your ad group. If the keywords used are not relevant to what you’re advertising, Google could be a negative vote. To access the Search Query Report in Adwords, go to the ‘Keywords’, click the ‘Details’ and select ‘All’.

 5 keyword research tool


Remember that planning is the key word something that is continuous or constantly evolving, and has an ongoing process. If you could get the keyword ‘right’, it can bring profit and success in your marketing. Still there are many keyword research tool still exist, but which have been mentioned above are a few of the many that are very useful.

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