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This time I will share a simple  SEO tricks to monitor blogs in other words if we post a new article is indexed into search engines or not. Maybe it’s a lot of online tools to check our blog have indexed or not, but this time we use the natural way is by using the search engine itself. In this article I’ll explain a little about the tutorial blog about index algorithms search engines especially Google.

What do google search engine spiders crawl when, for the first time our blog when there are new posts to his first cache. Then when the search engine spiders come the second time the entire contents of the article will be new in the index and the data in the database search engine.

That is why SEO experts recommend to place keywords in the title of the article (permalink) and advocated for placing keywords in the first paragraph that contains the word as much as two keywords,

Since the main topic we just want to check out the articles indexed in the tutorials that cover does not become excessive and did not think much about the brain

Maybe you all have a lot of search engines know about this one. Okay let’s start from here:

<! – Sitesearch Google ->

<form action=”” target=”_top” method=”get”>

<table border=”0″> <tr>

nowrap=”nowrap” <td valign=”top” height=”32″>

<a href=””>

<img border=”0″ alt=”google” src=”” align=”middle”/> </ a> </ td>

</ Tr> <tr>

<td nowrap=”nowrap”>

<input value=”” name=”domains” type=”hidden”/>

<input maxlength=”255″ value=”Type your keyword” name=”q” size=”30″ type=”text”/>

<input value=”Search” name=”sa” type=”submit”/> </ td>

</ Tr> <tr>

<Td nowrap = “nowrap”

<table> <tr> <td>

<input value=” “name=”sitesearch” type=”radio”/>

<font color=”#000000″ size=”-1″> Web </ font>

</ Td> <td>

<input checked=”checked” value=”” name=”siterearch” type=”radio”/>

<font color=”#000000″ size=”-1″> This blog </ font>

</ Td> </ tr> </ table>

</ Td> </ tr> </ table>

</ Form>

<! – SiteSearch Google ->

The result will be shown below that has been modified slightly in appearance.

 Web  This blog

Replace the purple text with your blog address.

From the top search engine positions if radio button is on the word”blog”This is the search results will show only pages that are in these blogs, in the example above using blog. And if the position of the radio buttons are on the Web”said”the search results will be displayed is a google site search results as we generally use the google search engine.

The purpose of the tutorial above is that if we write a new article on our blog then after posting can be checked using the above search engines and radio buttons are on the word”blog”This, if it means an article which appeared in issue is already in the cache by google and we are now optimizing the article for later in the index entirely in order to occupy the top 10 on the google search. That’s a tip which can I describe to you all.

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