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How to Optimize SEO Using Keyword Density

Getting a high position in search engines like Google SERP really profitable. Because it can increase high traffic to our blog. All people, especially bloggers would really want their articles there can be the first page in the SERP. But of course, to obtain it requires optimization difficult especially for novice bloggers. One thing to

Source of Quality Backlinks to Improve SEO

SEO is the process of website optimization is a systematic and complex, in the manufacturing process consists of two components, namely SEO Onpage and Offpage. For the effect of each of these components vary.Then the components which are the most influential on SEO? The answer is SEO Offpage. This Offpage SEO in the manufacturing process

White And Black Hat SEO Tutorial

Talking about SEO is basically talking about website optimization. There are two techniques that can be used in SEO is White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. The ultimate goal of SEO is to get good rankings in search engines namely google google pageone. Maybe some of us still do not understand what it is

4 Illegal Tricks of SEO that Must be Avoided

The struggle to achieve top placement in search engine result knows no limits – neither ethical nor technical. There are many reports of sites banned by Google and other search engines either temporarily or permanently, because of malpractice and to use ‘black hat’ SEO optimization techniques. Reaction from the search engine is easy to understand
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