The Meaning Of Dofollow and Nofollow Blog in SEO Tutorial

Backlink in a blog is very important needed because to get a position on SERP. Backlink is a link that is attached to someone else’s blog and when clicked will lead to our blog. Speaking of backlinks there are some things that must be considered such as the number of backlinks, quality backlinks and backlink sources.Nofollow and dofollow is very important to understand, because it concerns with SEO and PageRank of a blog. The writer try to review this topic in detail to understand easily by readers/bloggers. There are still some blogger who understand this topic correctly.Links from another blog page that leads to our blog page can also be called a backlink, in other words can be interpreted as inbound links or incoming links. In general, either links or backlinks can be divided into two types namely Nofollow and Dofollow.

Definition Doffolow And Nofollow


Nofollow Backlink is an HTML link attribute that has been embedded in the blog to tell the Search Engine that the link is nofollow, meaningly, it does not provide value or can affect the ranking in search engines. With nofollow links can help reduce various spam activities and can prevent indexing spam. This has been expressed by Mutt Cutts in 2005 ago.

Example of Nofollow Backlink :

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Seo Tutorial


Dofollow backlinks are backlinks that allow Google Search Engines or other Search Engines to crawl and perform the index links. Dofollow backlink can give a good impact for our blog because not only the user but Search Engine can also crawl the backlink. By utilizing a good Dofollow Backlink will improve the keyword article or home page of our website.

Example of Dofollow Backlink

<a href=””>Seo Tutorial</a>

Differences Dofollow and Nofollow Links

From the above describtion is clear and explicitly reviewed about the differences between the two types of backlinks, ranging from the structure of writing and its benefits to the blog.Dofollow links on blogs are actually default, it means that every time you want to create a dofollow backlink you do not need to do anything because it automatically has a dofollow. Link Nofollow is different with Dofollow if it is embedded on a blog, because this type of links will not be dicrawled or traced by search engine. To make it on blogspot is very easy, that is by entering the link as usual then that need to be considered is to give a check mark on writing add ‘Rel = nofollow’ attribute at the end.

In my opinion the source of this backlink is very suitable given to the affiliate site that we linked to the article. If we give too many outbound links, it will be considered spam by Google and can be bad for SEO Blog.In implementing the type of links Dofollow and Nofollow is actually the basic science of search engine optimization techniques are widely applied by bloggers.

Dofollow advantages:

1.Favored visitors for providing free backlinks

2.Increase traffic

3.Increase alexa rank points

4.Can create loyal visitors

Dofollow Disadvantages :

1.Cause inbound and outbound links are not balanced so google does not like it.

2.Causing the appearance of unattended visitors / potential

3.Causes the appearance of irrelevant spam comments

Nofollow Advantages:

1.Page rank and alexa rank tends to be stable

2.Inbound and outbound links are balanced

3.Preferred by google

Nofollow Disadvantages :

1.Frequently ignored by visitors because no visitors can embed a backlink

2.Visited by few visitors

This article i write about dofollow and nofollow definition. I hope it is useful for you all and please decide which is suitable for your self.

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