Definition of Off Page SEO and How to Optimize It into Site/Blog

Off Page SEO is the optimization of web/blog made from outside your web site. The trick is someone to build a lot of backlinks. But keep in mind in building backlinks we need to choose and know how to get good quality back links. In addition, we can also make fans page/social bookmarking web/blog so readers can get the update articles with ease. That is the off page seo optimization, you are in demand to build as many links that point to your blog or website that you have with the sense of link building. There were many ways and techniques that can be used for optimization seo offpage blog with this technique, one that is widely used by webmasters is to get qualified and with DoFollow category.

Free seo off page seo about this is not easy because you have to be consistent to seek and obtain backlinks. Practice seo off page can have an impact on the increase google pagerank blog or website (read: how to get a pagerank). Additionally, blog/website and the pages contained therein are also able to occupy top ranking in the SERP. For a possible martketing internet seo technique is not familiar to you, or you have mastered to earn money from your blog or website to create an online store or write a review of your client’s keyword ads. Advantages master seo off the page very much, one of which is to open a quality seo services and cheap for the business oriented website by providing backlink services.

Off Page SEO is SEO optimization is done outside of the website. In building the Off Page SEO there are two types of actions. First White Hat means the safe action (Natural) of the regulations issued by Google, and both blackhats mean running the action construction Off Page SEO in a way that is quite dangerous for our website because if they do not understand and know truly regulations can create a website exposed penalty by Google. There are different ways to do SEO optimization Off page, namely:

  1. Google SEO Tools

In developing the Website, we may utilize a variety of tools that Google offers as the webmaster, Analytics, Trends, Adwords Keyword Planner, Consumer Surveys, PageSpeed Insights, Content Experiments, Places for Business, Alerts, Tag Manager. Learn and take advantage of the tools provided by Google, because there will help us in building a website that is SEO Friendly.

  1. Backlink

As one of the SEO Off Page influential to the level of PR (Page Rank), and an increase in the desired keywords. Backlink which we are building to be good and not Spamming, because when our websites violate the existing provisions make our website will be exposed to a penalty by Google Search Engine (Panda – Penguin). Many ways to build backlinks, such as Pyramid, Dummy Blog, Automatic, Social Bookmark, Edu – Gov, Web 2.0, Forum, Blog To Web (one way), Blog To Blog (2-way), Blog Walking, Review, Web Directory, Submitter and rent, and other means in accordance with the analysis and calculations have been made. When you are applying great SEO On Page, it must be supported by the optimization of the outside website. Off Page, SEO is done by a focus on building back links from other sites towards your website. The more quality links that point to your website the better the reputation of your website in the eyes of search engines.

  1. Social Media

That is the media to divide the various kinds of data, one article or the article links. Get used to divide the article into various Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and more so that the user knows our website. A website that always divides his article into various Social Media has a greater chance to win a keyword and certainly more quickly indexed by Search Engines. Social media helps us become better known website by the user. One example when our website has an article about “SEO” then we distribute these articles to Social Media with the proper and suitable group, it will speed up the website to establish good communication for the group of “SEO” is.

  1. Share Picture

We can re-upload pictures from a related article on the general image storage website, and provide information in the form of backlinks to the article. This can help increase the number of backlinks and website visitors. Another way is to give Watermark website link in the picture.

  1. How can we develop themselves more than the previous one?

In building Off Page (Keyword) are required objectives and a clear analysis. Use the tools to be able to complement the needs in building techniques Off Page. Be sure not to use excessive blackhat Software category. Always monitor developments Off page SEO correctly. Many people are slowly finding an easy way to improve your keywords by using self-made formula, but still, Google’s Search Engine algorithm was based on.

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