How To Reduce And Calculate Bounce Rate?

Definition – Bounce rate is one element of SEO is quite important. Many people ignore these element because they do not know its function in search engine optimization.

Bounce rate is the measurement in percentage of how many Web site visitors view only one page within your website. These visitors view only that single page and exit the site on that same page. Bounce rate is one parameter that helps to suggest how useful users are finding our site. If our bounce rate is very high that tends to indicate that our site as a whole isn’t very useful. So in this case it is divided into 2 type of visitors,  that are first, visitor who visit your website then go to other page of website again and again. Second, visitor who visit your website then leave it since your website is not informative. In other word it doesn’t contain the information the user was searching for, the information wasn’t easy enough to find, or because the site is hard to read.

How to Calculate Bounce rate?

If you want to know what percentage of the bounce rate of your website, you can calculate it with a simple formula below:

BR = A/B x 100%

• BR = Percentage bounce rate of your web blog.
• A = Number of blog visitors are only open one page.
• B = Total number of visitors visiting your blog.

The illustration :

Suppose that in the last month you have a total of 1000 visitors. From 1000 visitors who visit your article, there are approximately 250 visitors were just open and read one article only. Thus the bounce rate of your website in the last month is as follows:

BR  = A/B x 100%
= 250 / 1000 x 100%
= 25 %



The greater the bounce rate possessed by a website then the website's performance will get worse, while the smaller bounce rate on a website then the website's performance will be better. If your website has low percentage of bounce rate means has good performance. 


How To Check Your Bounce Rate

You can check your bounce rate inside Google Analytics, under Audience -> Overview.

Here are tips how to decrease bounce rate :

1.  Redesign your site till looks great

2.  Make applicable article with your site

3.  Speed up stacking of your site

4.  Don’t put publicizing excessively

5.  Make inner connection into post

6.  Make navigation looks straightforward

Note : Here are a portion of the fundamental reason individuals leave your site from the point of arrival without perusing any further:

1. Poor page configuration (utilization of poor difference: like dark foundation, yellow content)

2. Poor Navigation

3. Not utilizing a responsive design. So points of arrival turn out to be difficult to peruse on gadgets with various screen resolutions.

4. Cluttering of promotions or an excessive number of advertisements over the overlap.

5. Too much content

6. Poor arranging (not utilizing striking, italics, underline and so on)

7. Little to no dividing among lines and sections.

8. Lack of headings and sub-headings. Your first feature must highlight the advantage of perusing any further.

9. Landing pages which take everlastingly to download. If so then expect 100% bounce rate constantly.  

10. Audio/video substance which auto play when the page loads. This is extremely irritating for guests. Maintain a strategic distance from it at all cost.

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