White And Black Hat SEO Tutorial

Talking about SEO is basically talking about website optimization. There are two techniques that can be used in SEO is White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. The ultimate goal of SEO is to get good rankings in search engines namely google google pageone. Maybe some of us still do not understand what it is white hat seo and black hat seo.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is a good SEO techniques in search engine ratings and the technique is considered unethical techniques in performing SEO. Some points that could be said to be using white hat seo techniques are as follows:

* Optimization is done manually and in the natural search engine guidelines.

* Do not do everything they can to be quickly indexed by search engines.

* Content is indexed by search engines is genuine and original and not a copy paste content results.

* Content created not only addressed to the search engines alone but for the readers and social.

* Home page quality* The availability of useful content on your web pages.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO optimization seo is to do with the rough technique is to force the search engines in order to view specific sites and forcing her blog rankings. Some points that could be said to be using black hat seo techniques are as follows:

* Using hidden text or not visible or the background color of the page, use a small font size or hiding them within HTML code such as “frame” section.

* Repeating keywords in the meta tags and using keywords that are not related to the content of the website content.

* Creating low-quality web pages that contain very little content but instead stuffed with keywords and phrases that are very similar.

* Make copies of content from popular websites to be published with different titles but with the content similar / same. It’s called piracy

* Creates a link in the article that lead to other not related to title-related content.

The search engine is a machine made to identify what techniques do website owners to improve the ranking of the website, but if you use black hat seo then you will not get what you want properly by search engines. This article is designed to give a sense of the Tutorial White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO hopefully can provide benefits to the reader.


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