List of Top 28 Article Directories Will Increase Your Site Traffic Quickly

Article Directories List
This is list of article directories

It has been discussed in previous posts that the way to improve Search Engine Optimizatio (seo) is to write quality article which is seo friendly. Is that sufficient? Of course not, you have to do another effort that is submitting articles to article directories. What is article directory? Articles directory is site where people can submit articles about their product or business to be widely known by others. This you can do for free.

When you submit the article to popular article directories, this article will be indexed by search engines through keywords relevant to your niche then it will get a good position on search engines for the appropriate competitive search terms. In addition, the articles you submit contain links to your website, which will enhance your baclink, thereby improving your rankings on different search engines. Thus you get both, referral traffic from article directories as well as general traffic from search engines. 

Any approved articles in article directories will be archived for a long time in article directories. The results of quality articles remain in the top search engine rankings for long periods of time. This helps your articles stay alive for a long time and directs traffic to your website over a long period of time.

Note :

There are some opinions that say that after submitting many articles but there are no visitors to the blog / site. Why is this bias happening? There are some opinions that say that after submitting many articles but no visitors to the blog/site. Why is this bias happening? Because the speed of search engine index like google faster indexing the articles you submit to article directories than the articles on your site. The impact is the article on your blog can be considered as a duplicate. So if you are going to submit articles do not use automated means(such as using widget submit) but just use the manual, while waiting for a few days the article published in the new submit. In order for the time submitted article on your blog has been indexed new search engine submitted to article directory.

Benefit of Submit Articles

Unlike other backlink tools, article submission makes a lot of backlinks pointing to your website. Higher number of backlinks helps you in increasing search engine rankings that will drive high traffic to your website. In addition, if you create high quality articles, it is possible to get your article opportunities published on different websites, blogs or e-zines, which in turn will further increase the number of backlink. So, distributing articles to various directories helps you build backlink effectively.

The important thing that you should understand is to choose Article submission that matches topic on your site. Before you can start submitting articles that you have created, you must first get an account in the article directory or article submission. I always suggest to continue hunting free backlink in various ways from sites with high pagerank, including by utilizing article submission.

Here is a list of article directories you try to get free backlink;

  1. GoArticles –
  2. Site Reference –
  3. Article Warehouse –
  4. Web Pro News –
  5. Article Dashboard –
  6. Ezine Zone –
  7. Small Biz Articles –
  8. Articles Base Directory –
  9. SimplySearch4It –
  10. Web –
  11. Directory Gold Article Directory –
  12. Info Wizards Free Articles –
  13. Article Friendly –
  14. Free Articles for Reprinting –
  15. Submit Your New Article –
  16. Article –
  17. Constant-Content –
  18. Article Cafe –
  19. The Add Articles Directory –
  20. Free Reprint Articles –
  21. 1Article World –
  22. ABC Article Directory –
  23. com –
  24. Article Snatch –
  25. Just Articles –
  26. Article-Buzz –
  27. I Need Content –
  28. Ezine –

Link Building through article submission is the easiest and almost free method. People can write and submit his own articles for free. They can also hire “ghostwriters” to write articles. Professional content writers who are experts in writing high quality articles are widely circulated on the internet. To submit quality articles, you can hire a freelancer or use some software that will automatically submit your articles to many different article directories. 

Backlink is one way website optimization from outside the site or known as off-page optimization. By getting a free backlink from article submission then the popularity of our website in the eyes of search engines will increase which will ultimately improve the position of our website on search engine hail hail like google, yahoo and bing.


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