How To Build Right And Safe Backlinks To Improve SEO 2017

We all know that backlink are an important element in SEO. Without backlinks blog or website will not be able to compete favorably with blogs or websites that are relevant in the search engines. There are a few things to note when we build a backlink in order not to considered as spam by google. In this article I try to explain how to make a correct and safe backlink to enhance SEO.

  1. Start to create backlink when blog or website is still new
    Don’t be in a rush to create backlink but wait until you reach the site’s age 1 month. Why? Because we must adjust amount articles with backlinks. Google will assume we do spam if in the age less than one month we have hundreds or thousands backilnks. Google prefers natural backlink then create backlink should be done slowly or step by step.
  2. Use Anchor Text
    Anchor text is the text that forms a link in the article. Use different anchor text and vary in order to look attractive and natural in the search engines.
  3. Create backlink Led To Articles And Into Homepage
    In this case we are required to make two backlinks is one that leads to the homepage and the second leads to the article contained within the site itself. Each portion of the backlink is 50%. Both of these backlinks will strengthen the position of your site in the Google search engine.
  4. Create Backlink at a different place
    A backlink will be qualified when in place in different places like in the sidebar, footer, comments etc. And cultivated backlink that we make comes from websites that are relevant.
  5. Build Backlinks Dofollow And Nofollow
    Both of these backlink has an important role because it can improve search results better. Besides these two will create a backlink itself is more natural in the eyes of google.
  1. Make Backlink In Amount enough
    In building backlinks quantity is not a benchmark. Having a lot of backlinks not necessarily make your website look good in the eyes of google otherwise could be considered spam by google. Based on observations make backlink piecemeal or step by step to avoid contention spam by google. Ideally create 10 backlinks to one article each month. Some webmasters are advised to stop making backlink after a period of 6 months of site optimization. After that let the site grow by itself as coming from outside the natural backlink. Please note that if your article is good and the quality of course the reader will share it naturally.
  1. Do not use automatic backlink tool
    In building backlinks, do not use automatic backlinks because this tool can create a lot of backlinks in a short time. So that it can create the spam that is considered ugly by the search engines. Furthermore if this is done repeatedly. There are so many sites that provide automatic backlink tool but I do not want to show it.
  1. Cultivate Backlink on sites that have a good reputation
    There are so many sites that have a good reputation and you can look it up on google. If you embed backlinks on these sites then slowly the impact will be good for your site. Be noted you should never embed or create a backlink on a site that indicated malware because it can be bad for your own site.
    Hopelly, article I wrote may be useful for the visitors of this blog.



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