How to Make Viral Content That Improve SEO

Creating a viral content is not an easy job, in addition to expertise in writing a piece of content, as well as the foresight to see the opportunity for the author of an article opportunity to become viral. Then how the ways or tips on creating a viral content? One basic thing is the quality of the article itself and how it was written.

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What if inspires people and involving their emotions?

The New York Times has conducted research on 2500 respondents about their reasons for sharing articles through online. The reason they are to deliver a precious thing that can inspire or entertain others.

One example is the case of the presidential election anywhere in the world to invite a wide range of responses in the form of emotion which is then acted on social media. This inevitably is a virus that spreads throughout the country. Social media does play an important role in the dissemination of information to become viral. This means involving both positive and negative emotions affect the number of shares of each article.

In addition, articles that can reveal a person’s identity could also generate interest readers to share it. Stimulus to improve relationships, involvement in the development of the world, and concerns are also important for a viral article.

We had been alluded to how the emotions of others. The elements that can arouse emotion as a feature is an awe, anger, surprise, happiness, interests, talents, anxiety, and fear.

Then, what are the tips to cultivate the emotions of others and inspire them through a viral content?

Watch and dive into new things

You can discover new things based on your observation in social media. Of course, many people in social media is busy discussing the various issues, whether it is a permanent or temporary issue. You can pack your writing about new things in accordance with the style of your language. Recognize the emotions and needs of readers.

Make a previous mistake as a teacher

You can learn from your mistakes in a wide variety of writing articles. Take advantage and where lies the fault’s analysis can then fix.

Here are some viral content writing techniques:

No Plagiarism

Doing this means that you are a lazy person. You can only get the material from the blog posts or other pages, but you must use the elaboration of ideas and styles of the language itself. So that the search engines recognize your articles are included in a unique thing. Do not do it just for a shortcut because the implication is bad judgment on your blog’s SEO.

HOAX? Sure you would not

We recognize that a lot of controversies and highly capable information captivate the attention of the reader. However, this should not make you rush to publish articles whose truth is uncertain. As a result, it is people will not believe in you when you are found to have lied. Your reputation will be in free fall.


Can we say this is the title? You must create and choose a title or headline can trick the eyes of visitors. Keep them interested with the headline very capable ‘attention. Why is that? Because the eye has the ability only to things that are striking for further consideration.


An article as good as any, if not accompanied by an illustration in the form of pictures, videos, infographics or diagram. This support is at least allows the reader to understand the content of your article. So the level of the share on that article could arise.

Number of characters

It is true that internet users are those who use the mobile facility, but this does not mean that you must be from your writing short so it is easy to understand. Research has shown that more long article has a great chance to be the high share. Make writing with your own style of language that is easily understood by the reader. Make also SUB HEADLINE that can help the reader understand your writing.

Post and promoted at the right time

In terms of share of your writing in any social media, not every day is a great time and this will affect how much the number of shares that will get. Total Shares by day of the week by Buzzsumo never done the analysis and stated that the right to distribute the article is Tuesday. Next, you need to share it again after a week from the date of publication of the article.

Additional influencer for rating upgrade

Has it occurred to you if the articles you write and then read and shared by famous people like Donald Trump (US President), Jokowi (Indonesian President), economist Kwik Kian Gie? If you are able to establish relationships with many influential people in their respective fields, then your article read by them, the possibility of increasing its rating on the share and your article could also arise. You should know that according to statistics by having an influential person who shares your articles, share traffic will increase as much as 31.8%. Likewise, accumulation if you have more relation to the influential people.


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