Negative SEO Definition And How to Prevent It

Negative SEO is a series of actions taken by competitors to sabotage your website rankings in search engines. Usually negative SEO using  techniques that are prohibited by the Google Webmaster rules, techniques that are unethical or commonly called black hat techniques. SEO’s negative attacks can be in various forms, such as:

*Rip your website (hacking)
*Create hundreds or thousands of spam links to your site
*Copying contents, and then publish the content in various places, causing duplicate content
*Establishing a lot of links from sites that are not qualified to use anchor text such as Viagra, P0ker, and *keywords that are not family safe.
*Creating a fake social media accounts and ruin the reputation of your website through the account
*Detach the best links owned by your website

How to Prevent Attacks Negative SEO?

1. Set up e-mail alerts Webmaster Tools. Google can send alerts to your email:
• When a malware attack on your website
• When a website can not be indexed by Google
• When a server connection problem with your website
• When you get a website penalized from the Google user

  1. Track The Backlinks You Have Built
    This is a very important step you do to prevent spammers managed to ‘work on’ website. Most of the practice of Negative SEO is done by building links from sites that are of low quality or redirect links.
    Tools that can be used to track baclinks towards our website is and Use these tools on a regular basis to check progress towards your website links. Another tool that you can consider is (pay). sites and can be used free of charge, but its use is very limited. If you want to track your site’s backlinks and also a competitor, it is advisable to use the paid version.
  2. Protect Your Best Backlinks
    Quite a lot of Negative SEO practices that attempt to try to remove the links that we have built with great difficulty. They do so by contacting the owner of the website where your links are. On behalf of you, they try to ask the owner of the website remove your link.
    To prevent this, we are advised to use email with your own domain when building links and contact the owners of other websites. This could prevent others pretend to be you when you contact the owner of the website where your link is located.
  3. Secure Your Website from Hacker Attack and Malware
    We agree that the security of the website is something that is very important and crucial. Whatever platform your site, make sure that the security for the website that you wake up already strong enough. Use strong passwords for your website, a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Always backup your files and data base your website regularly to anticipate if at any time there is a problem on your website. If your website allows a user to upload a file, make sure your hosting antivirus installed to prevent the introduction of malware.
  4. Make Ethical SEO Strategies
    Many people assume that all baclinks building strategies for SEO is a form of SPAM coordinated. Of course this is not entirely true, although it does some SEO experts make SPAM. Avoid the following actions:
    •  Do not provide links to sites affected by pinalty
    • Do not publish low-quality articles, for example articles from guest bloggers
    • Do not use the same keywords too much for your links
    • Do not buy links from blog networks, this could be dangerous for your SEO for the long term
  5. Do Looking For Enemies On The Internet
    As we often hear the term “A thousand friends are too few, while the enemy is too much”, so should we build a healthy online community. There is no point creating animosity, especially on the internet. Do not create enemies in the online world because you never know with whom do you deal.

That is a brief explanation of the meaning of negative seo and how to prevent it that I can share it on this website. Hopefully this article useful for you all.

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