How to Optimize SEO Using Keyword Density

Getting a high position in search engines like Google SERP really profitable. Because it can increase high traffic to our blog. All people, especially bloggers would really want their articles there can be the first page in the SERP. But of course, to obtain it requires optimization difficult especially for novice bloggers. One thing to note, today’s search engines use a number of indicators when determining the ranking of pages in their indexes. They use a series of indicators on-page and off-page. From the on-page factors, Keyword Density is a key component.

We all often find the term keyword density in the SEO world, but we do not know what it was keyword density. Keywords Density is the percentage of repeat occurrences of keyword density (usually in the form of anchor text) used in a posting, the page until the entire homepage blog or website for optimal search results. For example, a text of 200 words, if a word appears 10 times, its keyword density is 5%. In SEO techniques, perceptions about keyword density is often considered to be one factor that determines whether the keyword relevant to the web page.

You can predict what words are most widely written in the article and count the repetition, you try to write in a notepad, calculated by the formula (Keyword Density = number of repetitions of keywords / total words across the page x 100). If you do not want to be bothered, you can know or measure the density of keywords in an article by using the tools keyword density checker (you can find on Google) or go to By paying attention to this case and follow any changes in Google’s algorithm, allowing articles that we create will appear in the best position on the search engines. However, there are many other factors are more influential, for example relevance, etc.

It’s important for us to maintain the balance of keywords that are not excessive or too low. For example the percentage of keyword density 0%, this resulted blog irrelevant in the eyes of search engines, due to lack of keyword density. If the percentage is too high at 50% is also not good, because the search engines will consider your blog is a blog spam. A good keyword density, which is not more than 5%. If the total on a page of 100 words, the maximum number of repetitions keyword is 5.

Keep in mind that what counts is the repetition of keywords including the keyword itself, not the number of keywords. Keyword Density on each engine is different. So, when making the article, see the most used word, and then check whether too much or too little. If it is too much, add words in your article. If you’ve already created, can check the above manner. Now we can choose to maximize the google or other search engines, but it is our discourse to be more concerned with whether the correct entry in the list excessive or entry list in shortage. That is what Keyword Density is good for SEO. hopefully the more we know and can apply the appropriate keywords for your blog or website we are developing. I hope this article helps us to be better.


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