How To Reduce And Calculate Bounce Rate?

Definition – Bounce rate is one element of SEO is quite important. Many people ignore these element because they do not know its function in search engine optimization. Bounce rate is the measurement in percentage of how many Web site visitors view only one page within your website. These visitors view only that single page

5 Best Free Keyword Research Tool to Improve SEO

Keyword research tool is part of the most important and basic of all marketing efforts in the search engine or Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This not only gives marketers a new way to understand the thinking of customers, but also keep track of potential customers and products/services what they are looking for. Although keyword tracking

Negative SEO Definition And How to Prevent It

Negative SEO is a series of actions taken by competitors to sabotage your website rankings in search engines. Usually negative SEO using  techniques that are prohibited by the Google Webmaster rules, techniques that are unethical or commonly called black hat techniques. SEO’s negative attacks can be in various forms, such as: *Rip your website (hacking)
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