How to Proper Keyword Research to Improve SEO

Keyword Research

One thing that is very important for a blog is the keyword research. The keyword is what will help determine the visitor traffic to your blog. If an error occurs in the selection of keywords, then the blog is minim visitors as the implications.The impact of this derivative is laziness to write on the blog because you feel uncomfortable with the lack of blog visitors.

What is keyword research?

It could be said that one of the strategies to improve SEO is through keyword research. For those of you who want to increase visitors to the blog, then keyword research becomes an integral part. You can not do this alone, but lonely visitors is the consequence.

The essence of a keyword research is to find keywords that are often typed by searchers according to the topic of your blog. Such health-themed blog, the keyword is like a healthy diet or a healthy lifestyle.

The types of keywords

Before continuing on how to do keyword research, it helps you determine the types of keywords that exist in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Several types of these keywords are commonly circulating in cyberspace is:

  1. Short tail keywords

Short tail keywords are keywords that generally consists of only one or two words. Usually, this kind of fight for the keyword is very significant. For example, such as Android, Smartphone

  1. Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords is a long version of the short tail keywords. Actually quite difficult to find the best quality of long tail keywords. In addition, traffic is less than satisfactory. Examples for this keyword:

  • List of the Cheapest Smartphone
  • Smartphone Samsung Most Expensive
  1. Timeless keyword

The timeless keyword is a keyword that is always and many people use to search for information on the search engines and will not be swallowed stale times.Examples such as “How to Write Footnotes”. These keywords can be said to be immortal because writing footnotes always are used in education.

  1. Seasonal keyword

This type keywords that appear only a few moments. Such as the presidential election, will be very many keywords to review predictions of the election. An example is the “result of the match Indonesia vs Malaysia”.

How to do Keyword Research

How to do it? You do not need to worry, below we provide the stages is easy to do. You can do keyword research using Google Adwords or Ubersuggest services. However, first, you need to look for keywords seed.

Keyword Planner.

Step One: Finding a keyword seed

Keywords seed are keywords that will be used to find other keywords or keyword is often referred to as derivatives.

To search for keywords seed friend could use instinct. Think about what keywords are related to the topic of your blog or website pal.

For example, when the topic of your blog/site is the communication, so a keyword seed can be like the self-concept, relations, model, etc.

Step Two: Finding long tail keywords

If you’ve found a seed keyword list. Use the seeds to search for keywords in the form of longtail keyword derivative.

Here is what you should do.

  1. Please visit the
  2. Enter any keywords you want that corresponds to the topic or theme of your blog
  • Enter a keyword. For example, the keyword “Disease”
  • Select the language used. In this case for example “Indonesian”
  • Click Suggest
  1. This will bring up a list of keywords related to “Disease”

You can choose keywords that are displayed in the keyword list is made up of two or three words. Furthermore, Ubersuggest automatically searches keyword list derived from that you selected earlier.

  • If so, click “Select All Keywords”
  • Click the “Get”
  • Copy all the keywords and save on your drive in the form of .txt

Step Three: Analysis Keyword Search Volume

Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Google Adwords: Keyword Planner
  • Click on “Get search volume of data and trends”
  • Upload file keywords that you have previously saved
  • Click on “Get search volume”
  1. Click the “Download”
  2. Select CSV file format and click Download
  3. Open the file you downloaded, then please select your keywords very good value and in accordance with your blog based on the number of searches you interested.

Step Four: Analysis of the level of competition

To perform this stage you can take advantage of a number of extensions that can be installed on browsers like MozBar.Using a browser extension like MozBar or SEOQuake, we can see the PR, backlinks, Alexa rank, etc. of websites that appear on the SERP or search results page. Then you can judge how competitive those keywords.

Some tips that I can give is:

  • Keywords that have a total search through a number of millions of very tight competition. Then do not select this keyword
  • There are several websites that have the authority and control of keywords such as Wikipedia
  • Websites with PageRank more than 5 have difficult keywords you select

Step Five: Execution Keyword

Once you find the keywords that match your blog, please do execution by optimising these keywords in every article blog you have.

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