SEO Techniques to Get Keyword And Traffic from Wikipedia Using Broken Link

When you are looking for information about something through search engines wikipedia site will probably be your site most often encountered in the search results page. Wikipedia has become one of the references intended netter to understand a word. Maybe one day there are millions of people who visit the wikipedia page to find the information he wants.

As a dictionary open (everyone has the right to edit an existing entry in wikipedia page) and also the editor wikipedia volunteers always provide the latest information in their articles have been published. And not infrequently in the editing editors find no link is not working anymore.This is the latest SEO techniques which can be used. With the broken link you get a keyword that has been proven is always sought after by visitors from all over the world.

But how to find a broken link in wikipedia? With so many editors and page article on wikipedia when an editor found a site that becomes a reference is no longer accessible (either the site is already dead or moved their page article) the editors do not immediately remove the related links.

Editors will mark dead links that they find the note dead link next to the existing referral url. When another editor of wikipedia find this record and confirm the link is no longer accessible, then the url referenced wikipedia article removed from the page in question.A small note with a dead link label is what should be used by bloggers. The strategy is that you create an article on the same topic with the url references to death and then change the references in Wikipedia to redeem the dead link to your own blog article link.

It is so simple isn’t it? But the challenge it. Not maybe we can find a record by opening the page deadlink articles one by one. This will make you like looking for a needle in a collection of straw. So for the more easily you can use the old trick google hack following:

First you need to visit Google and enter the search command like the following string: site: [keyword] + “dead link”. It is an example if you bloggers who take the topic of financial investments, the string of keywords you enter is the site: [investment] + “dead link”. But I tried to replace it with my favorite topics is the online business.

The string would issue a special search results for sites wikipedia contained in google index that has an online business topics and also filter out just bring up the pages that there is a record label editor with a dead link.From the trial I found I find articles in English for online business, but I also find articles Indonesian though the key word is quite different.

The next step

This is the dead link from wikipedia.

Well after finding the referenced article was already dead, your task is to create articles that resembles (more suggested that articles made better than) the previous article and use the keywords used previously.



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