SEO Tutorial – Tips How to Promote Your Site/Blog

Each blog or website owner would want their blog/site to be famous and get high traffic. It is their dream. With this condition, the owner of the blog/site hoping to get money from traffic on their sites. This is not an easy task because it requires a very hard effort. In the world of internet marketing there is a slogan that says “Traffic = money”. Sometimes they have to be willing to spend money and effort to achieve their dreams. In this article will discuss ways to promote your blog/site, such as :

1. Submit your blog/site to search engines.

It is the first important step since most people using search engine to find what they need. There many kinds of search engine on internet such as:

* Google, you can use

* Yahoo, you can use

* Bing, you can use

* Altavista, you can use

* MSN, you can use

2. Write an quality article that match with suitable keywords of your blog / site.

Try to make writing  with your own word and not copy and paste from other article. To attract readers and increase traffic, post your article on user generated sites like Digg, Blog Carnival, Base Article, Ezine Article, Technorati and many others. Try your article writing and posting at least 3 times a week.

3. Make a Link Exchange (backlink) with blogs / other sites that have a higher PR (PR1, PR2, PR3, etc.). Blogs / sites with high PR has a high traffic automatically increase the high traffic to your blog / site.

4. Join and active in several forums.
Forums are where people gather and share information on a given topic. Join forums that approximately correspond to your content category. Where possible, promote your website by making your website link in the signature field in your profile on the forum that you follow. This will cause other visitors can see a promotion or your website link on each post that you make in the forum.

5. If you have some money you better join in PPC like Google Adwords because this method  is effective enough to attract readers. In these Google Ads use words that are interesting enough so that they can influence others to read your ads (this writer has applied this Google Ads and the result is quite effective to increase traffic). It is a piece of SEO tips, there are still many ways out there to do SEO.

6. Promote Site/Blog to Social Media. Social media like Facebook and Twitter have become a common means of communication are used widely in the Internet world. So use social networking sites to promote our website, ardent fans page status updates in Facebook, send a tweet useful etc. Potential customers like to visit the Facebook page, Twitter, or Google+ to see how we interact with clients.

7. Introduce the website offline. Introduce the company’s website to employees through a formal announcement. Include your website address in any documents such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoice and others. If you do an ad in a magazine or newspaper or spread leaflets, Include also information website address.


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