SEO Youtube Tutorial Step by Step To Boost Youtube Rank

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YouTube is a very popular video sharing site today. Visitors have already surpassed other major internet players like Yahoo and Facebook. Today, YouTube users are over one billion people, that means one-third of internet users in the world are watching YouTube. From the side of hits every day youtube just lost to its landlord, Google.

Daily,  videos on YouTube are watched by people for hundreds of millions of hours with billions of videos, you can imagine YouTube’s popularity in the virtual universe. Currently the number of YouTube viewers is up forty percent each day. It feels very disadvantageous if you do not use YouTube for any purpose, especially for business purposes.The experts say that a minute of video is worth millions of words. Especially if we make an hour worth of watch video, worth tens of millions of words surely. Because of the large number of YouTube users who upload videos every day, YouTube is like a vast and crowded wilderness. People will be hard to find our video if we do not do the optimization. Youtube SEO are needed so that our video is easily found by the target consumers. Because as good as any of our videos, it would be meaningless if no one watched. One of the keys to video success that many people watch is how to put videos in Google search results, before on YouTube’s own search page.

Here is Youtube SEO Tutorial step by step

1. Keyword Research. By doing keyword research, not just to make a video into SEO but to increase the end of the video. The first tips to do is not much different from SEO tips that must be done for the blog.The importance of keyword research is to find out what keywords are popular and sought-after, so that later can determine what video you want to create and upload. In addition, you can predict how much traffic and revenue you will receive.Use keyword research tools provided by google adword or can also use Google Trends for a more simple and easy way. 

2.Create Interesting Videos And Long Duration. Why make an interesting video? Literally, every human part will be interested in seeing or with the things that feel interesting. This is the most important SEO step to be made, the visitors come to get the required information but that is found just the opposite. However great the optimization efforts of the video, it will not be much useful if not in balance with a quality video presentation. 

3.Name Video File With Keyword. After keyword research, you can create the video first. If the video is finished or already available then name the video with the keyword. For example your video discusses “How to make money from youtube” then change the name of your video file with target keyword. So the video title should be “How to make money from youtube”.Many benefits if using keywords as filename because the robot google or youtube certainly crawl the file name, then its influence will be very good also against SEO Video. Compared with the default name eg VID12534.flv will be difficult to understand by the crawling bots. 

4.Put Keyword Target Inside Title. The title is the earliest part to be indexed by Youtube and Google, by doing a few modifications and adding keywords in it will make the video rankings become more established and friendly with search engines. 

5.Insert Keyword In Video Descriptions. Do you know aim and benefit from the description column on youtube video? Descriptions have the benefit of explaining and describing what the video contents are brief and informative to the visitors as well as the search engines.You are allowed to put keywords but do it naturally, not to stack keywords and make the video “SPAM”. Surely it will be very bad consequences when the youtube side perform routine monitoring. The worst effect is the termination of services and banned adsense. 

6.Use Keyword In Tags. Youtube video optimization can also be done through the addition of tags that match the keywords of choice, there are its own advantages when entering the right tag. Among them is your video will appear in the sidebar when there is another video that uses the same tag with your video. 

7.Upload HD Quality Video (High Definition). HD quality video means video that has excellent image clarity and quality without blurred or cracked images. For those of you who want to apply this in the video, can use a camera or a good handycam if it is not there then just use the phone that has a pretty good picture quality.Youtube editor also provides a tool to convert SD (Standard Definition) video into HD (High Definition).You need to know that HD video is preferred and loved by Youtube, because youtube highly prioritizes audience satisfaction by displaying videos of the highest quality. 

8.Improve Channel Reputation. Good channel reputation gives positive signal to the videos in it. Youtube greatly appreciates channels that have a good reputation. A good channel means a channel that has a high degree of relevance between one video and another related video. There is a special appreciation given youtube against such channels, one of which is the channel is often adorn the front page youtube site with the words “Popular on Youtube”. It is not easy to get such special services. For channels and videos that have already felt a definite subscribe, view and clicks will also increase dramatically. Youtube assesses the relevance of a channel by how long it takes viewers to watch a video or be on a particular channel. If in blogging, this is known as the word Bounce Rate / Bounce Rate.  

9.Share and Promote Video. To promote youtube video there are many ways, depending on how creative you apply it. Use twitter, facebook, instagram, Google Plus, Social Bookmarking and so forth to be able to introduce to the public about the existence of your video. 

Tips above is about Youtube SEO tutorial which is a powerful to boost video rank and I’ve stacked in such a way as to be a step by step untill easy to understand. Hopefully can provide benefits to the reader.    


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