Ultimate WordPress SEO Tips for Beginners Step by Step

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For people who want to improve wordpress seo, the following article can be a useful reference. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an important factor that we can use to increase our visitors. Basically, wordpress engine is made for seo friendly. We just need to maximize it by providing special handling. In addition, there are many plugins that are provided free of charge to help us to optimize our website.

As explained in the previous article that SEO is basically there are 2 namely: ON-Page SEO and OFF-Page SEO. ON-Page SEO is how we maximize the website itself from within, while Off-Page SEO is how we maximize SEO from outside the website itself. Tips that I will explain is using both ways seo. The following tips allow you can to improve your website ranking.

1. Set permalink to appear SEO Friendly

Permalink or default url address wordpress by default do not support SEO conditions for wordpress so change it to be more SEO friendly. The trick is to go to dashboard wordpress continue to select settings >> Permalink. Select the Custom structure input code /% postname% / to display the url address of the article post to http://www.domainname.com/posttitle or /% category% /% postname% / to show it to http: //www.domainname .com / category / titlepost. Then save this change.

2. Use an eye catching Theme and SEO Friendly

Interesting theme design can affect your website rank directly. An attractive design will stimulate visitors to view your website for a long time. Google will record this and raise your rank if your website is appealing to visitors. Next, choose a theme that has an HTML tag structure that is SEO friendly and has implemented the Schema.org structure. Schema.org helps google to be more specific to read the information in your website which is automatically affect your website rank. If you know about html and programming, you can edit your theme template manually based on the guide on Schema.org.

3. Install Snippets in your WordPress

Snippet provides additional ratings and even image information about a page on your website. When they type in a keyword and your website appears it will display a rating like the image below.

wordpress seo tips

Installing a snippet like the picture above can be done with the help of the “All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets” plugin. You just need to install and adjust the snippet you want to appear.The use of Rich Snippet can make your website look more unique, when compared to other search results in search engines. This view can affect the increase in quality visitors who go to your website. How can that be? This is because the visitors see additional relevant information about your website first in the search engine page. In the long run, their level of trust in your service website will increase more rapidly. Not only that, your wordpress seo performance in Google search engine will also increase.

4. Increase Your Website Access Speed

The speed of a website affects the user experience that will ultimately affect google to rank our website. WordPress engines are notoriously heavy and slow, but we can modify this by installing website cache plugins like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache to help increase site load significantly. Disable unused plugins to reduce your website load. This will directly affect the speed of the website. For those of you who have more budget, you can using premium hosting services.

5. Determine the Right Keyword.

I think it’s useless if we write as many articles as possible but do not contain keywords / main keywords as our target. And it is very dangerous if in one article planted with excessive keyword. Please you search on internet how to create a good keyword. Before writing articles, we are recommend doing keyword research first. Look for keywords that are popular and have low competition. You can read more on How to Proper Keyword Research to Improve SEO

6. Take advantage of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics is the ‘data warehouse’ of traffic coming into your website. This data you can use to analyze the performance of your website in detail. Put the code on the site and you’ll see the number of visits, the origin of the visit, to any page that is often accessed by users.Meanwhile, Google Webmaster Tools can help many aspects of website management related to SEO Google, such as checking the number of backlinks, the number of users who search your website on search engines to check the website when a broken link. Armed with these two tools, you can optimize wordpress seo optimally. Detailed information from Google Analytics can be your benchmark of website performance. For example, is the number of visits there enough to satisfy you? Then, whether the origin of visitor traffic is as you expect? After getting the exact data, you can determine what steps you need to take next.Then, use Google Webmaster Tools for advanced optimization of your website. This tool will provide suggestions of any part of your website that requires optimization.

7. Image Optimization

In addition to textual content, the image content on the website also needs to appear with quality resolution. Using a clear and compelling image not only beautify your website, but make your visitors more comfortable and comfortable to be on your website thus reducing the bounce rate. However, you must be careful, do not let the image aggravate the website and even add to your website load. Before you upload images in every post, get used to resize first. Next fill in the description of the image and make sure you fill in Alt text. If you already have a lot of pictures on the website and want to do image optimization take advantage of some plugins like WP-Smursh.it, WP Optimizer, Responsive Image, SEO Friendly Image and many more.

8. Use Powerful WordPress Plugins

For maximum wordpress seo results you should use wordpress plugin like AIO (all in one) seo pack, SEO Yoast or Platinum SEO to provide meta description and keywords with more flexibility. With this plugin your article will be easily found by search engines like google and others.

9. Use Backlinks In Article

Backlinks can be outbound and inbound links. Outbound links are links that lead out of the website. For this matter look for backlinks that really qualified. While inbound links are links that exist within a website itself, usually this link is called related links. For wordpress platform can use plugin related post.┬áMany ways that can be used to get backlinks and one of them is the article share. We can use social media and social bookmarking as a place to share or promotional of articles.Lots of social media and social bookmark famous for high pagerank and dofollow. The more often we share articles to social media and social bookmarks, the more traffic to our website that we will get. In addition to article share we can also leave a link when blogwalking on blogs or other people’s sites. Look for sites or blogs that are relevant when you embed your link. The links you leave on other people’s sites are called outbound links.

That’s some tips to increase wordpress seo that you can apply on your site. Overall, this tip is almost the same as seo techniques for websites in general. If you have tips or other ways, you can share them in the comments field.


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