How to Write A Good And SEO Friendly Article

good and seo article

Article is a critical component in a website. A good article and structured will make the reader feel good. Besides the article on a website should be SEO friendly because it is favored by search engines. Write a good article and friendly SEO requires good skills as well. When writing a good articles be sure to put keywords and placements hyperlink in the text, it is highly recommended to facilitate the spider to index a web page. Which in turn will encourage more readers to visit your web page. This is what distinguishes a regular article and SEO friendly article.

Here is how to write good and SEO fiendly article:

  1. Outline for Creating Articles
    Creating sub-headings are very helpful readers and search engines if the article is divided into several sections.
    The readers appreciate a site if they can read an article with ease. It would also be a reminder for them, since most people search for a website sometimes just to read the article on the Internet.
    That is why divide the article into specific parts with Sub Heading will create a web page remains in the search results pages of search engines in the long term.
  2. Placing Keywords In Articles
    Keywords are keywords or phrases used by people to find information on the topics you write. For example, the phrase for the article “seo” may be “seo tutorial” or “seo tutorial youtube” as the key word might be “seo”.
    Keywords of an article is very important, because all the phrases that you have registered very easy to manufacture the article page metadata, which is part of the HTML code. This will facilitate the spiders crawl and index the pages of your blog site.
    Successful keywords registered by “spider” will be sent to every page on the Internet. Spiders “crawl” the entire web pages and sites, and analyze how good the quality of an article. One way spiders crawl a web page is to “enroll” keywords and key phrases to determine the topic of a web page, the spider also detect how often each keyword or phrase is used.
    Thus spiders can determine the quality of an article such as, whether the article uses proper grammar?
    Spider can also specify the type of inbound and outbound hyperlinks. Hyperlink is a link directed to another page relevant or irrelevant.
  3. Make a meta description correctly
    Meta description will not affect the ranking in search engines. But the text is inserted into the meta description will appear on search results pages, and a reference both for the users to visit your site after the title of the article. Hence make the meta description text that can represent the entire contents of the article in question.
  4. Include a hyperlink in the article
    Hyperlinks are links to other pages or other web pages that are relevant to your topic. You can highlight a word or phrase and add a web address that you want to link.
    Make sure that each link to a page or website suatau offer relevant and quality information and easy navigation.
  5. Build a link to the article
    Link is a gateway for Google to crawl your content. Make sure you distribute links that contain your content to various websites or blogs including the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks that encourage you to share these links back to their colleagues.

Make sure you use good grammar and correct in the article and there are no spelling mistakes. Add the sentences in your article with natural language and do not use too many keywords or key phrases. Recommended keyword density is 1-3%. Placement of your best keywords in article writing is on the title and the first sentence in bold or italic. It’s worthwhile to emphasize key words affect Google’s algorithm when spiders crawl pages on the site. Then as a distraction try to create the first sentence of the question. As in the first sentence as well as the last sentence, by placing keywords and key phrases to give more emphasis on key words and key phrases are used.
I think this is the way to write good articles and SEO friendly that I can write this time. Of course, there are still many shortcomings. Your comments will be very helpful for the improvement of this article.


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